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Explora Aventura also runs Survival workshops and Survival Training Courses.

Our experience, qualifications and motivation brings us to offer a knowledge wich could save lifes in a real situation.

The workshops and training couses try to get you to know the environment in a different way, learn what we can get off it, how to orientate, how to hand-make tools, how to recognise edible and useful plants or how to build a shelter to spend the night.

On one hand, the workshops, (lasting half a day or a whole day) treat specific subjects, as flintknapping, bone carving, leathercraft or fire making.

On the other hand, the Training Courses (lasting two or four days) get depper in moving through wild areas, knowing where we are, recognising useful resources, edible plants, rappeling techniques, what to bring in your backpack, etc.

During the workshops and training courses we will be treating the Sport Survival, that means, knowledge will be taught in a practical way but never getting to extreme thirst, hanger or any risk for the assistants.

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