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We offer the iniciation iron way course which you can learn and to know the most important techniques about this mountain discipline. It will give us great fun, nature, adrenaline and amazing views.

In this course of 2 days we will perform 3 iron ways which will be progressively with respect to the difficulty not exceeding K3 difficulty (low-medium approximately). We´ll make monkey bridges, tibetan bridges, rappel and zipline and where we carry out all the contents of the course.

1. What is an iron way?
2. History of iron way.
3. Material and equipment.
4. Reviews and rankings.
5. Logistic and preparation of the outing.
6. Fall factor.
7. Knots.
8. Individual and group progression technique.
9. Rappel on an iron way: leaving an iron way and escape.
10. Assurance technique.
11. Dangers in an iron way, safety and precautions.

- Recognize risks and ensure activity without problems.
- Respect for the environment.
- To know how to use personal and team equipment.
- To know how to practise basics safety techniques.
- Identify the factors to keep in mind to planning an iron way.

- Qualified monitors.
- Civil liability and Accident insurance.
- Complete personal and collective equipment for iron way.
- Accomodation during the weekend of the course.
- Photo report.
- Dossier
- Attendant Certificate.
Price include accomodation on Friday and Saturday night.

2 people: 165€ per person.
3 a 4 people: 145€ per person.
5 a 10 people: 110€ per person.