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The canyoning is a sport that is having an important relevance among adventure sports in recent years. With this course we try to teach a safe practice in a no free risks field, the techniques and logistic to carry out to practice it without taking major risks.

The participants will learn different basics safety techniques, such as basics techniques with ropes, to jump into water pools, logistic, knots, etc.

On completion of the course, you will have learned basics skills but it doesn´t mean that you can be autonomous inside a ravine, so we recommended to get more experience and another advanced courses.

1. Equipment and Basic material.
2. Basic safety techniques.
3. Sketches interpretation.
4. Planning for the outhings of canyoning.
5. Progression techniques with strings.
6. Progresión techniques in aquatic and dry land.
7. Rapel safety.
8. Differents installations with ropes.
9. Progression techniques in aquatic ravine with rappels.

- Recognize risks and ensure activity without problems.
- Respect for the environment.
- To know how to use personal and team equipment.
- To know how to practise basics safety techniques.
- Identify the factors to keep in mind to planning a canyon descent.

- Qualified monitors.
- Civil liability and Accident insurance.
- Dossier.
- Complete personal and collective equipment for canyoning.
- Accomodation during the weekend of the course.
- Photo report.
- Attendant Certificate.

Price include accomodation on Friday and Saturday night.

2 people: 165€ per person.
3 a 4 people: 145€ per person.
5 a 10 people: 125€ per person.