Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism

Focused on the cultural offer of an especific destination, being a Little village, a city or even a region.

Explora Aventura offers some of the visits in our area:

- Visit to the muslim fortress and the Virgen de Gracia hermit (old mezquit) in Archidona, guided by Explora Aventura

- Ochavada square of Archidona

- Museum of Archidona


A branche of the cultural tourism, is focused on the areas where archaeology is the main ingredient. In Explora Aventura we will bring you to places that where vital for the ancient inhabitants who are part of our past.

- Guided visit to Cueva de las Grajas in Archidona. Speech about the firsts ocupants. Visit guided by Explora Aventura.

- Guided visit to Cueva del Boquete de Zafarraya. Speech about the importance of this estrategic place for its ancien inhabitants. Visit guided by Explora Aventura.

Visit to Dolmen de Antequera.

Its purpose is to introduce everyone to natural wonders as mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, caves, etc. Most of them located in Natural Parks.

Explora Aventura offers a wide variety of routes and visits to feel nature in its different ways. Come, don´t think it twice!

- Hiking in the Hoz de Marin, in Archidona. Route guided by Explora Aventura.

- Hiking in the Torcal de Antequera. Route guided by Explora Aventura.

- Visit to the botanic garden of La Concepcion.

- Hiking in Garganta Verde. Route guided by Explora Aventura.

- Cueva del Tesoro, in Rincon de la Victoria.

- Visit to the termal baths of Santa Fe (Granada). Route guided by Explora Aventura.


We guarantee fun, safety and respect for nature.